Assisting Foreign Lawyers With Domesticating And Enforcing Client’s Judgments In Florida

Florida is a signatory to the Uniform Enforcement of Foreign Judgments Act. Florida's version of the UEFJA is similar to the national model. The UEFJA and its Florida equivalent permits the domestication of out-of-state or foreign money judgments in Florida, subject to certain requirements. Once established, the foreign judgment becomes a Florida judgment and can be enforced like any other Florida judgment.

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Domesticating And Enforcing Client's Judgments

The general procedure for domestication requires the filing of a certified or exemplified copy of the sister state judgment along with an affidavit. Typically, the judgment is filed and recorded in the county where the judgment debtor or the judgment debtor's assets are located. Florida's 67 counties may have slightly different requirements and fees concerning the domestication of foreign judgments. Once domesticated, and assuming that no formal objection has been filed by the judgment debtor, the judgment will be valid after 30 days.

The domestication of the judgment alone will form a lien on any real property owned by the debtor in that county. The domesticated judgment can then be recorded in other counties where the judgment debtor may have homes, residences, business property or vacant land.

We Assist Foreign Lawyers With Domesticating In Florida

The ultimate enforcement of the judgment is another matter. Enforcement methods such as execution, garnishment, replevin and supplemental proceedings require the assistance of a skilled practitioner. Similarly, there are several methods to force the disclosure of a judgment debtor's assets. Again, quality collection counsel is critical to obtaining the necessary information. Each domestication and collection case needs to be evaluated on its own merits.

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