Post-judgment Remedies

At CreditorCollections, A Law Firm, our Florida judgment debt collection remedies lawyer is familiar with various techniques to recover funds and assets from judgment debtors, including executing on real estate or personal property, initiating attachments and garnishments from a financial institution and seeking property in the hands of a third party. We routinely represent clients in cases involving the Florida Enforcement of Foreign Judgments Act and the Uniform Out Of Country Foreign Money Judgment Recognition Act.

Once an interstate or international case has been domesticated in Florida, we can begin to secure property and institute bank garnishments on debtors within the state of Florida, including Miami, Fort Lauderdale, West Palm Beach, Jacksonville, Daytona Beach, Pensacola and Orlando.

You Have Secured A Judgment, But Have Not Realized Any Recovery. What Should You Do Now?

Our commercial collections attorney utilizes various methods that can result in the enforcement of your judgment. At CreditorCollections, A Law Firm, our goal is to recover money owed to you quickly and within budget. These methods include:

  • Domestication of foreign judgments — This is the process whereby judgments or final determinations from other U.S. states or foreign nations are recorded in Florida. Thereafter, collection efforts can be commenced.
  • Examination of the judgment debtor's assets — After a judgment has been obtained, a judgment debtor can be compelled to disclose its assets and liabilities. We can subpoena the debtor or a debtor examination and serve financial disclosure requests.
  • Bank garnishments — We utilize databases and private investigators to locate the debtor's banking assets. If bank accounts are located, we will garnish (freeze) these accounts.
  • Brokerage garnishments Similarly, we utilize databases and private investigators to uncover brokerage and securities accounts. Once located, we will immediately take steps to garnish these accounts.
  • Garnishments — This is the process whereby a creditor can obtain the debtor's property that is in the hands of a third party. Typically, this method is used to obtain the debtor's funds that are located in a bank or another financial institution.
  • Attachments — This is the process whereby property of the creditor and in possession of the debtor is obtained by the creditor. Typically, a sheriff, marshal or another officer of the law will serve a writ of attachment, and the attached property is sold at public sale to satisfy the debt due and owing.
  • Executions (seizure and sale) of real and personal property — Once a judgment has been obtained and properly perfected, the clerk of court can issue a writ of execution. We utilize executions to seize and publicly sell the judgment debtor's real and personal property to satisfy your judgment.

Never A Fee To Discuss Your Case

If you are an international or domestic creditor with a judgment against a Florida debtor, please contact attorney Joel Blumberg, of CreditorCollections, A Law Firm. We routinely help domestic and international creditors with post-judgment remedies against Florida debtors. We represent all commercial creditors on a contingency basis.

Let the experience, skill and ingenuity of our debt collection attorney help recover your unpaid debts. Call 888-899-7394 or contact us online today. From our office in West Palm Beach, we help people throughout the world with Florida collection matters.