Business Collection Lawyer Pompano, Florida

Stop Wasting Time With Letters And Telephone Calls

South Florida debtors will frequently hide assets and take fraudulent actions to avoid paying what they owe. Businesses in and outside Florida need an aggressive Florida-based commercial collections attorney to recover all they are owed. Businesses located or have debtors in Pompano, Florida, need collection attorney Joel B. Blumberg of CreditorCollections, A Law Firm. He will research your debtor, discover unknown assets, identify fraud and take advantage of all collection tactics allowable by law, including:

  • Domestication and collection of "sister state" judgments
  • Construction and commercial arbitration
  • International collections, including open account, documents against payment, and letter of credit (LOC) matters
  • Early mediation, negotiation and workout efforts
  • Legal action and lawsuits in Pompano Beach and in the state and federal courts of Florida
  • Post-judgment garnishments, attachments and replevins
  • Prejudgment enforcement and freeze orders
  • Supplementary proceedings to pursue third parties
  • Fraud actions and successor liability
  • Consultation in U.S. law and the American legal system
  • Contact drafting and review
  • Foreclosure of security interests and statutory liens

Take Real Action To Collect What You Are Owed

Attorney Blumberg assists local, state, national and international businesses in collecting the commercial debt that is owed to them. If you own or represent a business in Florida or elsewhere in the country, you might find it difficult to pursue outstanding unpaid receivables from businesses that are headquartered in South Florida commerce centers like Pompano. Commercial credit collection attorney Blumberg representing business clients with quality legal counsel that will assist them with recovering business debts, arbitration awards and foreign judgments in Pompano and throughout Florida.

Joel B. Blumberg Gets Results And Collects What Is Owed

If a Florida business debtor is in default or otherwise owes your company money, contact lawyer and counselor Joel Blumberg today for a free consultation and review. There is no obligation to discuss your matter, and to gain a better understanding of the issues involved. To schedule an initial consultation with attorney Blumberg, call our office at 888-899-7394 or send us a message online.