International Debt Collection

Legal Advice for International Debt Collection in Florida

CreditorCollections has provided commercial collections and asset recovery services to exporters, manufacturers and traders for more than 20 years. When you need help collecting a debt in Florida or anywhere in the United States, our international debt collection lawyer can assist you.

Our law firm represents a global clientele with litigation and arbitration of commercial and contractual disputes. Joel Blumberg, an experienced international debt collection lawyer, represents creditors from Asia, Europe, South America and the Pacific Rim. CreditorCollections works closely with foreign counsel in order to educate counsel and their clients about U.S. law and procedure.

Attorney Blumberg has experience with proof of contract claims, and can help you obtain a judgment in the courts of the United States or enforce a judgment obtained in your home country. CreditorCollections will also help protect the value of that judgment against the debtor's assets. If any aspects of the transaction indicate the possibility of fraud on the part of your debtor, measures can be taken to protect your position even while the litigation is pending.

Contact a Florida Overseas Judgment Lawyer

Attorney Joel Blumberg knows the differing demands of international contract litigation, international arbitration and state court recovery of the debtor's assets after a judgment has been obtained. For specific information about how CreditorCollections can help resolve your situation, call 888-899-7394 or contact us online.