Domestication of Judgments in Florida

United States Full Faith and Credit Lawyer

Domestication of judgments within U.S. states and territories, sometimes referred to as "sister-state" judgments, are based on the "Full Faith and Credit" clause contained in the United States Constitution. Most states have ratified a version of the Uniform Enforcement of Foreign Money Judgment Act which streamlines the process of enforcing judgments across state lines. Florida is a signatory to the Act.

CreditorCollections typically begins its representation with a "suite" of initial services intended to locate potential assets for garnishment and execution. Assets of the debtor which may have been transferred or are held by other entities may be pursued through Proceedings Supplementary.

In addition to the foregoing, federal court judgments from any federal district court can be registered in any other district and then enforced. Our law firm has the knowledge and ability to quickly register your federal court judgment and then pursue enforcement by utilizing the United States Marshals Service and ancillary state laws.

If you are a Florida judgment creditor who needs to domesticate your state court judgment or register your federal district court judgment outside of Florida, attorney Joel Blumberg at CreditorCollections can assist you in obtaining quality collection counsel throughout the United States.

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Joel Blumberg, of CreditorCollections, has the knowledge and skill to quickly domesticate your state court judgment anywhere in Florida and enforce that judgment to the fullest extent permitted by law. If you need to domesticate a judgment, call 561-683-5900 or contact us online.

See Florida Statute § 55.501.