Contract Litigation

Enforcing Your Contract Rights in Florida Courts

As well as protecting the interests of creditors in sophisticated commercial collections across state lines or international boundaries, South Florida trial lawyer Joel Blumberg also represents clients in contract litigation of all kinds. For advice about your legal rights and practical options in a contract dispute, contact the West Palm Beach law office, CreditorCollections.

By carefully reviewing the facts concerning each side's performance or default in light of the language of the agreement, attorney Blumberg will spot the key terms of any agreement and give you an idea of the strength of your claims and defenses.

Attorney Blumberg advises and represents clients in the negotiation, arbitration or litigation of contract disputes, including:

  • Sales contracts
  • Loan contracts
  • Commercial collections
  • Distribution or licensing agreements
  • Real estate transactions
  • Purchase or sale of businesses or business assets
  • Employment contracts, severance agreements or noncompete covenants
  • Disagreements within partnerships or closely held corporations
  • Tort or fraud counterclaims to breach of contract allegations

Especially in disputes over corporate governance, partnership rights or real estate projects, it might be necessary to seek an injunction early in the case in order to maintain the status quo and protect the value of an eventual victory on the main legal issues.

Representing Clients in Contract Litigation Throughout Florida

The law office, CreditorCollections, understands that businesses engaged in contract litigation are far more interested in practical outcomes than they are in abstract legal exercises. The solutions that attorney Blumberg presents for your situation will be matched to your immediate and long-range business objectives.

Contact Joel Blumberg at the law office, CreditorCollections, to discuss your contract litigation options.