Representing Clients in Arbitration Proceedings

In many instances, an agreement that underlies a commercial collection claim will designate arbitration as the mechanism to resolve the dispute.

CreditorCollections, A Law Firm, provides experienced and aggressive representation in arbitration disputes. Joel B. Blumberg, our Florida arbitration attorney, has handled domestic and international arbitrations for more than 25 years.

Arbitration can provide a relatively speedy, reliable and cost-effective means of resolving the transnational dispute.

Another advantage of arbitration is that awards are generally final and enforceable and not subject to appeal. In arbitral disputes, arbitration awards are enforceable in accordance with the New York Arbitration Convention.

At the end of arbitration proceedings, you may need assistance enforcing the arbitration award. CreditorCollections is ready to assist you with post-judgment asset recovery to help you obtain the money you are owed.

Contact an Experienced West Palm Beach Arbitral Dispute Lawyer

If you are facing arbitration in Florida, CreditorCollections can help. Attorney Joel Blumberg can represent you in front of regional, national and international arbitral tribunals. For more information, call 561-683-5900 or contact us online.