The Effectiveness and Costs of Judgment Collections in Florida

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Florida law and rules permit a variety of legal and equitable means to secure recovery of a judgment. As well, Florida law allows a number of exemptions to debtors, especially individual judgment debtors. Attorney Joel Blumberg and CreditorCollections address these issues at the beginning of the judgment collection process so the client has an understanding how these processes and laws affect their collection efforts. Call the office today toll free at 888-899-7394.

We have found that for both modest and larger judgment collections, the garnishment of bank and brokerage accounts in Florida is the most effective and least expensive avenue of recovery.

Executions against unencumbered and nonexempt real estate also afford a relatively inexpensive and effective method of recovery. Personal and business property levies sometimes become cost-prohibitive, and will be affected by the amount and location of the property sought to be seized. This is true for replevins as well.

Supplementary Proceedings

Supplementary proceedings can be utilized in lieu of a judgment creditor's own post-judgment collection efforts and can be used to pursue third parties and affect variety equitable remedies. We recommend supplementary proceedings on larger judgments where a creditor has the staying power to pursue fraudulent transfers and hidden assets.

Proceedings Supplementary also permits the appointment of a Magistrate, who then brings to bear the power of the court. This oftentimes results in a more efficient discovery process and increased recoveries.

For judgment executions, a receiver has limited utility in Florida. This is because there are already several adequate remedies at law for collecting judgments. However, there may be circumstances where a receiver is warranted, such as to collect accounts receivables from an operation business debtor.

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