Helping Out Of State Counsel with Registering Federal Court Judgments in the Southern and Middle Districts of Florida

Attorney Helping Out-of-State Counsel

If your client has obtained a federal court money judgment or order, let attorney Joel Blumberg and CreditorCollections assist you in registering and enforcing the judgment in the Florida district courts. Call today toll free at 888-899-7394.

In order to register the foreign district court judgment in Florida, a judgment creditor must obtain a certified copy of the judgment or order from the creditor's local District Court along with a separate certification form from the clerk (Clerk's Certification of a Judgment to be Registered in Another District). The judgment is then filed with the clerk along with a fee.

After Judgment Registration

Once properly registered, the judgment can be enforced using federal and state procedures. Our law office can assist you and your client with all steps in the Registration and recovery process. You can stay involved in the process as well. The garnishment of the judgment debtor's bank and brokerage accounts, wages and money in the hands of others is accomplished through state laws. The levy or execution on a judgment debtor's real and personal property, such as residences and businesses, is accomplished through the federal rules and state law. The civil enforcement services of the US Marshal are utilized for all of our executions and levies.

Joel Blumberg and CreditorCollections can obtain financial discovery from the judgment debtor and also obtain information and documentation from third parties such as banks and businesses.

We can help you and your client with these processes and other potential enforcement mechanisms, such as Supplementary Proceedings, where other parties can be added to the litigation. CreditorCollections also has a thorough understanding of Florida state exemptions.

We are available to consult with you and your client on the best and most efficient ways to accomplish your goal: recovering your judgment.

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Our office pays participation fees in accordance with State Bar regulations. We are also available to co-counsel larger and more complex judgment recovery cases. Contact us today by calling 888-899-7394. A lawyer at our firm can discuss registering federal court judgments in the Southern and Middle districts of Florida with you.