Florida Litigation Assistance For Out Of State Attorneys

Assisting Out-of-State Lawyers With Collections in FL

If you are a lawyer located outside of Florida, attorney Joel Blumberg and CreditorCollections can assist your clients with prosecuting your Florida commercial, business and civil claims and cases. We have a high degree of expertise in handling cases that involve contract and quasi-contract disputes, civil fraud, foreclosure and business-to-business (B2B) collections.

Filing suit in your home state may be one option available to you, but a debtor generally won't feel pressured by long-distance litigation. These lawsuits tend to be ignored and result in an uncollectible default judgment. Additionally, as legal counsel you may have jurisdictional or forum concerns about the ultimate enforceability of any judgment.

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Because attorneys in other states routinely entrust CreditorCollections with their client's matters in Florida, we know how to craft strategies that fit the client's needs and budget. Sometimes a written demand from my office is enough to compel a debtor or defendant to address the debt. On other occasions, a lawsuit is necessary to obtain the debtor's attention.

Sometimes, foreign counsel will need local Florida counsel to discover a debtor's Florida assets or levy on bank accounts or property. On other occasions, we are retained in order to handle the deposition of nonparty witnesses in Florida.

Let attorney Joel Blumberg and CreditorCollections assist you and your clients with their cases throughout Florida.

Our firm gladly pays participation fees in accordance with State Bar Regulations. Please feel free to address any issues with us. We can also act as co-counsel and assist with your admittance to the local circuit pro hac vice. Get in touch with the office today to discuss Florida litigation for out-of-state attorneys. Call now toll free at 888-899-7394.